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Apr. 20th, 1983 | 11:37 pm

I've been playing guitar since 1996. I started playing in about May of that year and for whatever reason I lost interest in it, basically cause I didn't realize the commitment I was getting into. On October 27, 1996 however, I had finally convinced my parents that I really did want to learn how and they decided to make the $200 investment into what is now a major part of my life that I couldn't imagine living without.

Since the very beginning, I have been developing a strong sense of how to write good music. It really does take many years of trial and error; No one can teach you how to write good songs. You have to build on your influences, not trying to emulate a style done by someone else. Moreover, it's necessary to create something new, something all your own. All songs have chords and riffs in them, you can't change that. I look back on the past sometimes, and I'm like "what were we thinking?" But nevertheless, that's how you learn how to creatively use your equipment and truly make the most out of it. Throughout the years, my guitar rig has gone through ever so many changes. In all of these changes, I've learned quite a bit about what it means to have good tone and how to effectively use effects. I'm a huge gear-head when it comes to anything to do with music, particularly how to hook up guitar and recording stuff. I guess you can say I get that from my need to take stuff apart... which definitely does not exclude guitars, amps and pedals... :-)

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