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All About Bill

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Apr. 20th, 1983 | 11:35 pm

Hello there. First off, my name is Bill. I live in Saginaw, MI where I've lived since I was born on April 20, 1983. Yes infact, 4/20 is my real birthday, as I have had to confirm for every bouncer at every bar I've been to. I am an only child, which means I have no brothers or sisters. Its just me, my parents and of course our dog, Sheba. I like it that way. I've played guitar for roughly 8 years and have been in the same band with my best friends on and off (mostly on) for 7 of those years. In the summer of 2004, our best friend who happened to be our drummer passed away tragically in an automobile accident. There is a lot more to say on that topic, so I've provided a link the chronicle that I wrote, entitled "Rocking Out," the day after everyone heard the news. The whole experience has made me realize how grateful I am for the amazing friends that I have.

To the disbelief of some, I can attest that it is possible to attended Catholic school for 12 years of your life and still turn out rather normal (for the most part). I survived St. Thomas Aquinas for grade school and Nouvel Catholic Central for high school, graduating in 2001. I then and went on to college, traveling down the road to Saginaw Valley State University, where I currently plan on graduating from in August 2005. I have also taken a few classes over at Delta College where the prices tend to be somewhat less expensive, but the feel tends to be a little more like high school with ashtrays by every door and condom dispensers in the bathrooms.

When I graduate from SVSU I will have a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Communication with a minor in Psychology. I've also taken classes in Marketing, Theatre, and Computer Science. As for what I plan to do once I graduate, I have essentially no clue. I do know a whole lot about what I don't want to "do when I grow up," which I suppose puts me ahead of the crowd a little bit. I would very much like to get a job doing something in the media industry, but we'll see what happens.

As far as working goes, I work part-time at Saint Mary's Medical Center in the emergency rooms... yes, we do have two of them. I am the system administrator (sys-admin) for the computer system that the ER doctors use to document the patient's medical chart. I've been working at Saint Mary's (always spelled with Saint and never St.) since senior year in high school. Some of the other various positions I've held have been file-boy at a doctor's office, call for help guy at numerous doctor's offices, a radiology film librarian (probably the most fun but most hectic job I've had there) and most recently "Financial Clerk," where I typed numbers off of insurance statements and made graphs. Like I said, I hope to someday get out of the healthcare thing and do TV. I've been working occasionally at Saginaw Education Television doing random production duties like freezing my hands off turning a camera at football games... whatever gets experience I suppose.

In my spare time I really enjoy listening to music, watching movies and reading the occasional magazine. I've always enjoyed somewhat "edgy" music. I grew up listening to a whole lot of country, then my parents decided wisely to switch to classic rock. I've been thuroughly educated in classic rock, much thanks to my Dad. Currently, I've been listening to a lot of Our Lady Peace, Foo Fighters and A Perfect Circle. My all time favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins, followed closely by Aerosmith. My favorite movies and books tend to involve spies, cop and/or the mob. I read the DaVinci Code in 5 days. Since most of what I like can be done in one central location, I spend a fair amount of time right here in front of the computer where I am typing this. Then again, I can also often be found on the couch with my laptop doing the same thing... I am very big with multi-tasking like that.

So that's my life in a nutshell.

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