Bill Welense (williamw) wrote,
Bill Welense

New settings and use for my LiveJournal

I'm making changes to my LiveJournal.

Because much of the public content on here dates very far back, often to another place and time, I've decided to hide all of it.

From here forth, I'll only be posting on my LiveJournal when I want to post to the group of friends whom I have left on here.

I have opened a new blog at and can also be found elsewhere on the intarwebs at:

On a sentimental note, I feel this is the best time of any to say that I feel it's sad to see what happened to LiveJournal. What I assume is that it was the bureaucracy of that ensued with an acquisition by Six Apart that did not permit the site grow organically. (For what it's worth, I'm not blaming Six Apart here, my new blog is actually hosted on TypePad.) With momentum and potential LJ had back before Facebook and Twitter were all the rage, LJ could have remained something unique. The problem though is that LJ is simply not a blogging platform, it is a social tool for communities. While it can be used as a blog, that is not its strength, due in part because LJ has banned from the beginning the embedding of HTML/JavaScript/Flash widgets that are commonplace on blog sidebars.

Even though the new management seems to be very keen on making great things happen with LJ, the site simply is simply not what it was when I signed up. That said, I am still a proud owner of a permanent account and will continue to post here for years to come, albeit more intimately and to a smaller audience.
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